Jon Rowlett

Safety Director

Jon Rowlett has over 31 years in training, documentation, manual development, audits and quality requirements.  He owns Av-Tech, LLC., a company with extensive knowledge in environmental health and safety, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, gap analysis and customer auditing.  Av-Tech supports B&V Specialized by managing their safety program for the last 5 years. Jon’s experience in the aerospace transportation industry has brought unique experience to the B&V team. Jon manages all customer regulatary requirements in the ISNetworld and PECdata as well as onsite training. 


Jon is instrumental in the team’s success providing the best path for all safety needs and enjoys working with the B&V Specialized skilled drivers and professional office team.


“I have never seen B&V take shortcuts in any area of their business. I have noticed they will go above and beyond minimum requirements to ensure a job is done correct and safely.”-Jon Rowlett